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坲s needs t▓o bind with a receptor on the cell membrane of the▓ pig to enter the cells and proliferate, we could kno▓ck out this rece▓ptor in the pig ▓via gene targeti

ng in the▓ pig induced pluripotent stem cell. If the ▓receptor is missing, the virus will not infect the pig."Xiao said the discovery could also ▓be used to improv

e animal farming, n▓ot only by making pigs healthie▓r, but also by modifying the growth-related genes to change and▓ improve th▓e way they grow.However, he warned

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that it could take sev▓eral years b▓efore some of the ▓potential me▓dical app

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lications▓ of the research ▓were in clinical use.He said the next st▓age of t

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he res▓earch was to use the pig iP▓S cells to ge▓nerate gene-modified pigs th

cell line

a▓t could provide▓ organs for people, improve the pig species or be used for

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reduc▓e pollutio▓n causing climat▓e change, at▓tention has focused on the burning of fossil fuels in factories,▓ power stations, and vehicles. But U▓N scientists says farm

ing and forestry accou▓nt for more than 3▓0 percent of th▓e greenhouse gases ▓that are gradually heating the earth. Much of that pollution comes from cattle, ▓sheep and pi